Watercolour Painter | Doll Make-up Artist
Watercolor Painter | Doll Makeup Artist
In a society that once overlooked art as a viable career, I held back on following my passion for far too long. Yet, it's during my weakest moments that art always finds me.
A decade ago, I turned to Ball Joint Doll Face-up Art as an escape from depression. And just two years later, I stepped onto the professional stage as a Face-up Artist.
Then, last November, I embraced Watercolour Art for a similar purpose. Remarkably, my paintings graced the 126th WAAH Annual Juried Exhibition and the 34th Art in the Workplace within four months.
My Art Philosophy:
Through the transformative magic of art, I strive to weave our spirits together, crafting pockets of serenity in the midst of our fast-paced lives. Art becomes a bridge, offering tranquil pauses amidst life's chaos, a gentle reminder to savour the ethereal wonders that grace our existence.
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