Hi, my name is Bunny
A Canadian-based BJD Face-up Artist. ​​​​​​​
A part of my success as a professional Face-up Artist belongs to incredible support from some great friends. Their brightened expression when receiving a face-up that matches their dolls' ideal image made me feel like creating magic. And gosh, I love their reactions! It made me want to create more of this enchantment and make everybody happy!
So here I am with a mission to create BJDs’ grail images that my lovely fellow collectors desire!
- Cleaning old face-up: 10 CAD
- Lashes: 10 CAD (currently only have black and dark brown eyelashes)
- Special effect: from 7 CAD
If you have eyelashes, you can send them to me; I’ll attach them for free.
I love to have face masks included to protect the fresh better face-up.
Note: Please make sure your items are cleaned before you send them. I will charge extra for cleaning if you must send it dirty or painted.

Materials I use:
Mr. Super Clear UV Cut
Rembrandt Pastel
Pan’s Artist Pastel
Watercolour pencils
Tamiya gloss 
White glue for eyelash attachment

Email me if you’re interested:  bunnyhuynhart@gmail.com  

You message me in regards to reserving a slot with the filled form. I need to know if my abilities can meet your requirements or not.
I will confirm and give you my mailing address. The doll heads should be sent out within 2 weeks of confirmation; if not, the order will be considered as cancellation.
Please include the face masks. If you don't have them, I will try my very best to pack them in the safest way, but I will not be responsible if the face-up is damaged. I am so sorry for not being able to provide face masks this year, but I will next year. 

Time Quote:
I paint in order of parcels arrival. "First come first server" fashion. 
It usually takes 10 - 60 days for a turnaround. If something delays the progress, I will inform you on my Instagram @bunny_faceup

Payment will be sent after I am done with the commission. I will send you the breakdown and total cost, including the shipping fee of your choice.
For Canadian clients: e-transfer
International clients: Paypal (+2.99% for conversion fee and +4% service fee if the client chooses to pay with Goods Payment) 

Please include face masks to protect the face-up. If you don’t have one, I will try to pack the dolls as best as I could; however, if damage happens, I cannot take responsibility. 
Please make sure your items are cleaned before you send them. I will charge extra for cleaning if you must send it dirty or painted.
After securing the slot, you have two weeks to send the dolls to me; if not, the commission will be considered as cancellation.
For International clients: 
Please declare a custom value under 80 CAD. It is up to you if you want to declare the value higher for peace of mind; however, the customs fee will be paid by you. I hope for your understanding.
If you use UPS, please mark it as a GIFT and under 60$.
Your Name:
Address that you want me to send the doll back:
Doll Sculpt/ Gender:
Skin colour:
Eyeshadow colour:
Blush colour:
Lips colour:
Attaching Upper lashes with the head?
Old face-up removal?
Anything else? Let me know if you want anything else (e.g., freckles. beauty marks, and so on).
_ Preference images are absolutely necessary, particularly when you have distinct ideas regarding eyebrow shape, eyeliner style, or any other details. These visual references play a crucial role in ensuring that your preferences are accurately captured and incorporated into the final result.
I’m more than welcome to discuss any details and concerns you want to clarify before we start the commission further.

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