Hi, my name is Bunny
A Canadian-based BJD Face-up Artist. ​​​​​​​
A part of my success as a professional Face-up Artist belongs to incredible support from some great friends. Their brightened expression when receiving a face-up that matches their dolls' ideal image made me feel like creating magic. And gosh, I love their reactions! It made me want to create more of this enchantment and make everybody happy!
So here I am with a mission to create BJDs’ grail images that my lovely fellow collectors desire!
PRICE (plus 13% Tax on Total):
- Cleaning old face-up: 10 CAD
- Lashes: 10 CAD (currently only have black and dark brown eyelashes)
- Special effect: from 7 CAD
If you have eyelashes, you can send them to me; I’ll attach them for free.
I love to have face masks included to protect the fresh better face-up.
Note: Please make sure your items are cleaned before you send them. I will charge extra for cleaning if you must send it dirty or painted.

Materials I use:
Mr. Super Clear UV Cut
Rembrandt Pastel
Pan’s Artist Pastel
Watercolour pencils
Tamiya gloss 
White glue for eyelash attachment

Email me if you’re interested:  bunnyhuynhart@gmail.com  

You message me in regards to reserving a slot with the filled form. I need to know if my abilities can meet your requirements or not.
I will confirm and give you my mailing address. The doll heads should be sent out within 2 weeks of confirmation; if not, the order will be considered as cancellation.
Please include the face masks. If you don't have them, I will try my very best to pack them in the safest way, but I will not be responsible if the face-up is damaged. I am so sorry for not being able to provide face masks this year, but I will next year. 
I paint in order of parcels arrival. "First come first server" fashion. 
I usually take 10 to 60 days to return a commission, depending on how busy my work schedule is; but I always do my best to return as quickly as possible. 
Thank you so so much for your understanding.

Paypal or e-Interact.
I will send you the total amount, including the shipping cost of your choice once I finish the commission.

Your choice. 
Please note that prices do not include shipping. You will pay for both ways of shipping.
Please package the head/s in a sturdy box with adequate padding. I do not keep spare face protectors; please send one if you are worried about crushed eyelashes.
Your Name:
Address that you want me to send the doll back:
Doll Sculpt/ Gender:
Skin colour:
Eyeshadow colour:
Blush colour:
Lips colour:
Attaching Upper lashes with the head?
Old face-up removal?
Anything else? Let me know if you want anything else (e.g., freckles. beauty marks, and so on).
Another note: I’m more than welcome to discuss any details and concerns you want to clarify before we start the commission further.

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