A BJD is a big size of a drawing figure! More interesting, you can give this drawing figure exquisite make-up and gorgeous costumes and pull them outside for marvellous photos.
BJD or ABJD stands for (Asian) Ball Joint Doll, a type of aesthetic resin doll that is popular among artists, fashion designers and doll collectors around the world. BJDs are created mainly by Japanese, Korean and Chinese doll artists with unique styles.
The term "ball joint" is based on the doll's mechanism. Unlike plastic dolls, the BJD body joint has a ball shape which explains the term. With this unique method, the doll can pose in different postures, serving the collector's photographic purpose. 
BJD has various sizes due to its height and mainly falls into three categories:
- SD: 50 cm in height and above
- MSD: Around 35 - 45 cm in height
- Tiny: 8 - 16 cm height
BJD has a price range from 150 USD to 800 USD due to its size. This price range is basic because it is not included the cost of the face-up (make-up), wig, clothes and accessories.
The most attractive feature of this type of doll lies in its customizable capacity. By changing the face-up (doll make-up), a collector can have a different doll, and it also creates the uniqueness of each doll though it has the same sculpt.
As a Face-up Artist, I aim to make the BJD collectors happy by creating exquisite face-ups for their precious dolls.​​​​​​​
You can check more information about BJD, such as how to buy them at my other blog: https://bunnyforever.wordpress.com/
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Same based sculpt but different face-ups create different dolls.

How a BJD's body looks like [photo credit: Faryland Image Blog]

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